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Diane Duane, So You Want to be a Wizard
Submitted by clockwork-fairy.


Diane Duane, So You Want to be a Wizard

Submitted by clockwork-fairy.

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Attention Gentlemen:

Please be aware that size really does matter.


A Walk and A Thought

A poem.


I miss so many moments

and my meager mind is

reeling from the feeling

that my life is mediocre

at its best.

I try to catch time carefully

and keep it under lock and key,

collecting and reflecting,

but the clock is quickly ticking

without end.

Words fumble for a foothold

but they stumble on my tongue.

Dripping wet and slipping,

I lose my equilibrium

and breath.


Another versatile word which has a bit of an antiquated feel to it. In familiar, non-topical contexts (which is my main focus— see definition three), this verb is rarely seen. I say we bring it back and put it into good use once more!


[bih-ley] /bɪˈleɪ/


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I decided to start off the weekend with “b” words. When I encounter this word, I perceive it as very active in its definition. It seems stock piled with vivid imagery.I also appreciate the euphony of /ɑʒ/ in the last syllable.


[buh-rahzh] /bəˈrɑʒ/

noun, verb,

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I enjoy this word for a couple of reasons. The first is that an “x” is used in the spelling. I’m a big supporter of the less frequently used letters in the alphabet (ampersand anyone?!). The second is that its definitions cross over from the fields of literature and mathematics. This is a task I…

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I genuinely experience a small rush of euphoria when I come across this word in print. Hearing it spoken in a conversation is an even greater thrill. It is such a pretty, sophisticated word, which seemingly contradicts its very definition. Oh, how I love a good paradox!



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This is another lovely, yet sadly under appreciated, “A” word. Not only is it euphonic (pleasing to the ear in sound), but if you rearrange the letters, you get sausage! :D Haha I’m such a word nerd.


[uh-sweyj, uh-sweyzh] /əˈsweɪdʒ, əˈsweɪʒ/


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Anglo-Saxon - The History of English (1/10) (by OUlearn)

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