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Video: Speech reconstructed from brainwaves.

Researchers at the University of California have been working to reconstruct speech from brain activity. While only a few sounds and words are audible in the video, it’s amazing to see that they are getting there.

Of course this would be great news for people with any form of disability affecting their speech, but you can imagine DARPA would also be right into this for military communication as well.

Sound is made up of different frequencies which are separated in the brain and processed in different areas. “Simply put, one spot [of neurons] might only care about a frequency range of 1000 hertz and doesn’t care about anything else. Another spot might care about a frequency of 5000 hertz,” says Pasley. “We can look at their activity and identify what frequency they care about. From that we can assume that when that spot’s activity is increasing there was a sound that had that frequency in it.”

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I decided to start off the weekend with “b” words. When I encounter this word, I perceive it as very active in its definition. It seems stock piled with vivid imagery.I also appreciate the euphony of /ɑʒ/ in the last syllable.


[buh-rahzh] /bəˈrɑʒ/

noun, verb,

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I enjoy this word for a couple of reasons. The first is that an “x” is used in the spelling. I’m a big supporter of the less frequently used letters in the alphabet (ampersand anyone?!). The second is that its definitions cross over from the fields of literature and mathematics. This is a task I…

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I genuinely experience a small rush of euphoria when I come across this word in print. Hearing it spoken in a conversation is an even greater thrill. It is such a pretty, sophisticated word, which seemingly contradicts its very definition. Oh, how I love a good paradox!



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This is another lovely, yet sadly under appreciated, “A” word. Not only is it euphonic (pleasing to the ear in sound), but if you rearrange the letters, you get sausage! :D Haha I’m such a word nerd.


[uh-sweyj, uh-sweyzh] /əˈsweɪdʒ, əˈsweɪʒ/


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